AHC FAQs - Vogue Fitness


Q: How do I access the classes?
A: You can access the classes through the website, or directly on your phone from the ZenPlanner App.

Q: How do I download the ZenPlanner app?
A: You will first need to register. You can register by clicking the “Join AHC” button on the website.

Q: When I go to sign up through the ‘Join AHC’ button, I get an error message that “You must enable cookies before you can log into this website”
A: Simply CLICK HERE and register. If this still does not work, simply send an email to [email protected] stating that you cannot register for the AHC app.

Q: When do the workouts get released?
A: The workouts are released every day at 5:00am in accordance to the online digital schedule.

Q: What if I miss a workout? 
A: You can click on the Class Type on the website and go back to the class that you wish to take part in.