Learning Made Simple

When you perform a movement incorrectly and a Vogue coach approaches you and wants to help you understand what you may have done wrong, what is the simplest way for you to learn?

Words, videos or physical cues?

Our members learn in three different ways – verbal, visual and physical. We believe that understanding the easiest way for you to learn WILL benefit your fitness. When a coach approaches you and wants to help, you can always reply with: “show me”, “tell me”, or “help me”.

Here is an example: You miss a snatch because you didn’t get your head through fast enough and your turnover was slowed down because of it.

Verbal Coaching

You missed but you are unsure what you’ve done wrong, coach Klaus tells you to “punch up on the bar and get your head through faster”. You try again and do as Klaus says and you get the lift. You listened, took on board the instruction and understood what was required to do by his verbal instructions.

Visual Coaching

This is very common here at Vogue as English for many is a 2nd language. When you’ve performed something wrong but don’t understand what coach Klaus means when he’s telling you something, simply ask for them to perform the mistake and then the correction for you. If seeing somebody else do something correct is not enough, take a video of yourself and watch what you’ve done wrong with one of our coach’s assistance.

Physical Coaching

If neither of the verbal or visual are enough, ask a coach for help to get into position or help performing the movement.

In summary make sure you understand why the correction was made, educate yourself and absorb someone else’s knowledge.

Discover what the best and most effective way for you to learn is and let your coach know what works for you.