Annastiina Aamurusko


    Annastiina aka Anna has been coaching functional training since 2015 and initially started her CrossFit journey in 2012 at CrossFit Turku in her native Finland. Prior to discovering functional training, Anna had not done a lot of sport, so she can confidently say that CrossFit really changed her life.

    Anna knows exactly what it feels like to be a beginner having had to build her strength and cardiovascular capacity from scratch so she has a real empathy for those she works with.

    Prior to a complete industry change, Anna worked as a recruiter for nearly 10 years, but coaching hours started to fill her calendar more and more. After completing her yoga instructor qualifications in 2021 Anna knew that she was on the right path, helping people to get healthier and to increase their quality of life.

    Anna's philosophy with regards to coaching is to move as well as possible - no matter how simple or complex that movement may be. Everything starts from the basics, by using progressions and trusting the process we can move on to more complex movements. She believes firmly that anything is possible if the approach is correct.

    As a coach Anna is very attentive and wants to improve everybody’s ability, all whilst still having fun.