Liz Blanco


    Liz had an interesting route into CrossFit and functional training to say the least. She studied ballet from 8 years old and after hanging up her tutu at the age of 22 she moved into pole fitness and ran a successful studio in Mexico City before moving to the warmer shores of the United Arab Emirates.

    To be precise it was in 2014 that Liz discovered CrossFit and moved away from teaching people how to handle a dance pole but rather get to grips with a barbell. Liz is a qualified CrossFit, gymnastics and weightlifting certified coach and has been coaching in the Middle East for several years.

    After several years of hard work with Vogue Fitness, Liz was promoted to a managerial position where she oversees the operations at our Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi facility. Still energised by coaching you can still find Liz standing at the front of the class with her big infectious smile.