Yas, the Individuals took the lead!

This past Saturday saw our first Individual Member Throwdown which took place in The Arena. We absolutely love to create such events focused on fitness and fun and we truly hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Events such as this are the perfect opportunity to see how you are all progressing and to show you that hard work pays off!

Our Head Coaches Elliot and Antony put on a great spread for you designing workouts to test you and push your physical and mental boundaries. The entire event ran seamlessly with awesome tunes all afternoon from our DJ.

Head Coaches Elliot & Antony on organising the Throwdown:

“We have done many Team Throwdowns previously and people have loved them, but we knew from classes that people were ready for this next challenge. We wanted to see if the members were ready to bite the bullet, as it is scary to compete as an individual. One month before the Open it was perfect time to see where everybody’s fitness is standing.”

Just a few reminders of that day.

The 4 events for Scaled were :

WOD 1 “Show&Go”

7 Minute AMRAP

25 KB Swings

25 Burpees

Our winners:

Farris Kattan – 176 reps

And our little champ from Ladies : Sumaya Ibrahim 143 reps

WOD 2 “Hang tough”

In 6 minutes establish a 2 rep max Hang Clean

Our winners :

Pedro Cruz – 205lbs

Eli Mouchard with 140lbs

WOD 3 “Dumbell assault”

10 Minute AMRAP

15 Cal Assault Bike

12DB Deadlift

9 DB Frontsquat


Our winners :

Oli Chilton – 256 reps

Eli Mouchard 158 reps


20 Cal Row


Thrusters/Box Jump Over

20 Cal Row

Oli Chilton – 05:15

And our Serbian Boxer/Front Desk Champ: Ivana Savic – 09:00

The 4 RX events were:

WOD 1 “Gymnasty”

3 rounds for time:

30 alternate DB Snatch


10 TTB

Our winners were:

Masoud – 07:55

Joanna Luis – 07:54

WOD 2 “It’s complex”

Establish a max Clean+Front Squat+Jerk

Our winners were:

Alex Zachran -275lbs followed by Dion Collier with 265lbs

Joanna Luis/Cammy with 175lbs

WOD 3 “Gassed”:

8 Minute AMRAP

32 Double Unders

16 Wall Balls

8 Cal Row

Alex Zachran – 263 reps

Joanna Luis – 271 reps


15 Snatches

15 Pull Ups

10 Snatches

10 Chest To Bar

5 Snatches

5 Bar Muscle Up

Our winners were:

Alex Zachran – 03:38

Joanna Luis – 05:15

The following members all qualified for ou r final: That was our finalists :

Male RX Final: Marwan Al Krewi, Kareem Kowalty, Masoud, Dion Collier, Alex Zachran

Male Scaled: Oli Chilton, Farris Kattan, Pedro Cruz, Graham Murphy, Jonny Makin, Hamed Al Hammadi

Female RX: Monika Bazydio, Cammy Wright, Joanna Luis, Dara Kayyali,

Female Scaled: Ivana Savic, Carly Brailsford, Eli Mouchard, Rabab Mandany, Denise Chance

Our Teens were also represented with Hamad, Paige, Aiden and Barbaby. They rocked and we are so proud of them! It was great to see you guys fighting for those reps.

Then to end the day in true Vogue Fitness style, we all gathered around for BBQ and heaps of food. We can’t thank you enough for your presence and we can’t wait to organise the next one! We have already heard that our Head Coaches have are conjuring up their next one…

But first…….. the 2018 CrossFit Open and our Sunday Showdowns!