Waiver Terms & Conditions - Vogue Fitness


  1. I understand that Vogue Fitness has a ‘no refund’ policy. All memberships once purchased are non-refundable.
  2. I am aware and agree that the most current version of the Vogue Fitness Membership Policy found at www.vfuae.com/membership-policy shall apply at all times to your membership, irrespective of the date that you have entered this Agreement.
  3. I understand and accept that by using any facilities of Vogue Fitness Gym, or attending any of their classes, workshops, programs, activities or events and participating in any related activities, I do so at my own risk. I am aware of no reason, medical or otherwise, for me to abstain from participating in physical activity. I agree that Vogue Fitness or any entity directly or indirectly controlled or related to Vogue Fitness will be responsible or liable for my death or any physical and/or mental injury I occasion, or any damage to personal property arising out of or in relation to my participation in my membership through the use of any facilities and whether caused by breach of contract or negligence of Vogue Fitness or any of its Affiliates or otherwise. I hereby fully indemnify and hold harmless Vogue Fitness and all of their Affiliates, servants, agents, employees, Directors, contractors, volunteers, and I waive all claims against Vogue Fitness and each of its Affiliates for any loss or damage suffered by me, or costs or expenses incurred by me, arising out of or in relation to my participation in any and all activities connected or related to this Agreement, however caused.
  4. I agree to follow the Vogue Fitness rules at all times. I hereby consent and understand that I voluntarily provide my own personal details at my own risk and liability with no recourse, be it legal or otherwise, to Vogue Fitness.
  5. I warrant and agree that I am medically fit to undertake an intensive exercise program, and that I do so voluntarily at my own risk at all times. If I am are unsure if I am able to participate, I warrant that I have sought independent medical advice and obtained the necessary clearances to participate in this Membership and its associated programs, etc. I understand that my health remains my responsibility at all times.
  6. I agree that I have read, or will take the time to read and understand, the Vogue Fitness Membership Policy. I agree to be strictly bound by the most current Membership Policy at all times and that I will strictly adhere to, without exception, the most current version of the Membership Policy, which can be accessed anytime on the website www.vfuae.com/membership-policy
  7. I agree and understand that by participating in any of the Vogue Fitness programs or becoming a member and signing this agreement that I agree and forever grant Vogue Fitness, and it’s associated marketing agencies and 3rdParties, the rights to any and all images obtained of me and I hereby waive all rights over any such images. I also agree that such images may be used by Vogue Fitness at any times for marketing purposes, and this includes the usage of such images on Social Media platforms, emails, and any other form of electronic and print distribution.
  8. I understand that Vogue Fitness reserves the right to close for Public Holidays, Abu Dhabi Formula 1, and any other day deemed appropriate without any recourse or compensation and change class timings and offerings at any time without recourse.
  9. I hereby waive all and any right or cause of action which with respect to injury, physical impairment, out of the loss of life, or injury and damage, or loss of any description whatsoever which I or my child and/or children and family may suffer.
  10. I understand that if I elect for a Personal Training Membership, that strict policies shall apply, and that I agree to all such policies which are found at www.vfuae.com/membership-policy
  11. In the case of a Minor member, the Parent or Legal Guardian shall sign on their behalf and take full legal responsibility and the terms of this Membership Agreement shall apply to them in full.
  12. I understand that by electronically signing this document it will bind me to all terms and conditions of this Agreement and that the electronic reproduction of this Agreement will serve as an original signature in any Court of the United Arab Emirates.
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