Want To Maximise Your Training Performance?

We all know that accessory work can be a pain. For most of us, we hold off on accessory work until after we have finished our session. Most likely you’ve just done some heavy lifting and/or a workout that has your heart thumping through your chest and you shirt soaked in sweat.

At Vogue Fitness we are here to tell you to NOT neglect accessory work!

Accessory movements such as hip extensions, split squats, good mornings, etc. are really effective if you want to see your true potential in your strength. They really do reinforce good positioning, make sure specific muscle groups are working properly and help to work stabilising muscles.

Even the very best athlete will finish a workout and call it good, shrugging off the accessory work as something they can do another time. This has been something that has changed dramatically over the years. As fitness (especially CrossFit) has evolved athletes have put a larger emphasis on pre ‘workout’ accessory work. This undoubtedly will leave your body feeling much better and your muscles firing correctly.

If you fall into the category of someone who shrugs off accessory work, we need you to change up your routine. Get to the gym early and begin your session with some good old accessory work. This will promote blood flow, activate specific muscles, reinforce good movement and most importantly, make you better!

Not sure where to start? Grab a coach and ask them. We are here to help!