Agustin Morales


    Agustin comes from Argentina and has not always been into fitness except for football, but finding CrossFit made him realize that his true passion was helping people through fitness.

    Since then he has not stopped investing in himself and he has completed his Crossfit Level 1 and 2, weightlifting certifications, gymnastics and several other qualifications which allow him to deliver excellence in his coaching to individuals and groups. He is a firm believer that hard work, dedication and fun are the secret recipes for overall long-term physical and mental health.

    He loves to surround himself with like minded people who want nothing but the best and has the same goals as him, hence the move to Vogue Fitness. You can sit down with him and talk about self-improvement, CrossFit, functional fitness, wellness, or football while having coffee and talking for hours.

    Agustin enjoys competing at the highest level, so whenever he is not coaching, you will find him training at the open gym or challenging someone for a race!