Cindy Helena


    Cindy has always found love in movement, exercise, and working with people.

    It was an absolute no-brainer, when she pursued a degree in Human Movement Sciences, and graduated and practiced as a Bio kineticist (Exercise Rehab Specialist), a registered Health Professional in South Africa.

    Early on in her professional career, she had the opportunity to work at the High-Performance Centre, in Pretoria, which afforded her the experience to work with a wide variety of individuals and athletes on their goal-driven journey (and guide them through injury and conditioning).

    Most of her experience lies in working with individuals one on one, either with injury, working towards a goal, or as means to prevent injury.

    As a born and bred South African, growing up, being active, participating and competing in sports was a part of the normal routine, and just a way of life. Functional training brought a new love and passion into staying fit on a personal level, being able to compete and test oneself with new ventures. Cindy is always eager to take on big ‘grit’ challenges.

    She has always just had a passion for people and working with them to make their day better and aims to slowly gain progress with every encounter. * Just to help them as much as possible. *

    Cindy was able to take on the ‘Kid’s training’ program back home, to which played beautifully into a passion for young children/teenagers and strength training, as well as working in close relation to members to ensure the longevity of training and preventing injury through exercise.

    Cindy brought all her enthusiasm and passion for people and movement, all the way to the UAE, and is hopeful to share and make a difference to the people around her.