Dewald Jooste


    Dewald joined the Vogue Fitness team in 2022 from South Africa.

    He began his health and fitness journey as a youth participating in cricket and athletics but as like any young South African boy, Rugby was his major passion. Even after leaving South Africa and joining Vogue Fitness | RAK, he ensured he continues his love of playing the game and is a member of the RAK Rugby club.

    Before Dewald began a full-time career in coaching he worked on a beautiful game farm called 'Black Leopard Camp'. During this time he would spend what time he could in the lodge's gym training or helping out his colleagues or visitors and that is when he realized that his calling was lying somewhere else.
    He began offering personal training and quickly specilised in the conjugate method which lead to coaching and competing in powerlifting and strongman. Dewald has coached a range of athletes from powerlifters, to strongmen, track athletes, rugby players, CrossFitters, and MMA enthusiasts.

    Dewald received exposure to the CrossFit methodology and his immediate attraction to the concept along with his competitive nature was the perfect storm with regard to his discovering his passion. 'CrossFit is now one of the biggest parts of my life'.

    Dewald loves to help people to become the best version of themselves, to show them that they are capable of great things and through CrossFit, he is able to do so with not just one but ten or more people at a time.