Dora Birgisdottir


    Meet Dóra the explorer, our Icelandic recruit from the land of fire and ice!
    Iceland, known for its high level CrossFit participation and notable champions now brings us another Dóttir! Having only started CrossFit a couple of years ago she found herself finishing 19th Fittest in Iceland during the in 2019 CrossFit Open!

    Dóra transfers her energy and passion into her coaching which allows her to get the best out of our members. Her calm approach to coaching makes people feel comfortable during sessions, resulting in a fun and enjoyable training experience.
    Dóra used to work for Emirates Airline and has also spent the last couple of years coaching in Thailand. During this time Dóra has come across thousands of new faces, many different cultures and people who themselves, are on their own journey. This has been an amazing learning curve and life experience which has molded Dóra into the friendly and accepting person she is today.

    You can usually find Dóra on the gym floor in between classes and PTs homing in on her goals and consistently working hard towards becoming a better version of herself in all aspects. She will greet you with a smile and is always eager and ready to help anyone towards their own goals and dreams.