Mike Pantaleon


    Mike, also known as 'Pantz', was born in the Philippines but grew up in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom. Ironically as a young lad, Mike was never athletic and couldn't stand PE lessons at school and regularly used the 'i've forgotten my PE kit' excuse to get out of lessons.

    Somewhere down the road he discovered Mixed Martial Arts and enjoyed it enough to begin to take the sport seriously. He honed his skills enough to compete at a semiprofessional level. Though MMA Mike discovered CrossFit and it was love at first sight.

    Mike has been engrossed in the fitness industry since 2009 where he began as a Personal Trainer at his local gym in the UK. In 2012 Mike completed his CrossFit level 1 certification and further to that completed certifications in Weightlifting and Aerobic Capacity. In 2017 he completed his CrossFit Level 2.

    When Mike moved to the UAE in 2014 he was based in the emirate of Ajman and quickly became very involved in the UAE's CrossFit community. Mike joined as many local and international competitions as he could and in 2017 was part of a team that competed at the Meridian CrossFit Regional.

    Mike loves training, really enjoys a BBQ and can't resist a good old Poke Bowl. He believes that with hard work and consistency you’ll be able to achieve your goals!

    Mike brings a strong focus on being the best you can be.