Tiana Fahey-Leigh


    T comes from the land Down Under! Sydney, Australia to be exact.
    A former Elite Gymnast who represented both her state - NSW and her country - Australia, Tiana transitioned to CrossFit as a Coach and an Elite Competitor in 2016 after finding the sport by accident when attending a class “just for fun” with a friend.
    That class changed her life.

    The CrossFit community was so impactful that she changed her entire career from being a Performing Artist and Children's TV/Live Theatre Host to full time Fitness Instructor attaining her ASCA Strength and Conditioning Certification, CF-L1 and Cert IV in Fitness.
    Tiana AKA “T” is a very passionate and technical coach who wants every session you take with her to not just be educational but also the best hour of your day.
    You’ll be able to hear her before you see her (especially her laugh).

    T believes if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong!