Tom Fessey


    Tom’s passion for fitness started from a young age. With the inability to sit still and boundless energy he played every sport under the sun. If he wasn’t at the Tae Kwon Do practice it would be football or clay pigeon shooting.

    Originally starting CrossFit in 2012 to keep fit for football he finally found a sport that could hold his interest. He knew from his first class that functional training was what he was looking for and wanted other people to have that moment too. At the time his fitness and health were not particularly good and CrossFit really helped him get back on track. He even managed to quit smoking and really turned his fitness around.

    After 3 years of coaching in the UK he moved to the UAE looking for a new challenge.

    Tom regularly competes and even managed to be on the podium at Battle of the East 2018 and Firestorm 2017.

    Tom is CrossFit level 1 and 2 certified and is a firm believer that a good mixture of humour and determination are the key to success.